Whitewashing Wood

Posted by Gerard on September 21, 2017

How To Whitewash Wood: 3 Simple Techniques. Use scrapper to drag the paint across the board and fill in the wood grain grooves. Repeat in needed areas, and let it dry overnight. Final Touches. Now that you know how to whitewash wood, choose the technique that’s right for your project and desired look. For all techniques, consider finishing with a coat of polyurethane to seal in your hard work.

How To Whitewash Wood In 3 Simple Ways!. Scraper technique to white wash wood with lots of textures in one easy step. Candle method to create distressed shabby chic style whitewashed wood. The 3 whitewashing techniques will create different looks on different types of wood, such as smooth pine wood, pallet wood, and reclaimed wood.

Whitewashing Wood

How To Whitewash Wood For A Vintage Look. Whitewashed wood is lively, textured, and fascinating to look at. Outside of natural wood itself, there is no better way to let wood's grain show through than with whitewash. You can brighten the walls of a drab attic bedroom, turn your outdoor deck into an inspired summer retreat, or bestow instant personality on a dull outdoor table.

4 Steps To Whitewash Wood. Allow your wood to dry for about 24 hours. Then take the sanding block and gently sand some of the edges of the wood and a few random areas in the center of the wood. This will keep the whitewashing looking old and naturally worn. Remember, you can always go back and add more paint if you decide you want a darker white.

Whitewashing Wood

How To Whitewash Wood. How to Whitewash Wood. Some of your texture comes from those brush strokes, and you want them to work with your grain, rather than against it. Tip 2: Have a spray bottle with water in it on hand. If you ever feel your paint is getting too thick, just squirt a little extra water in. The 1:2 water to paint ratio is a guideline.

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