Water Lily

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Definition Of Water Lily By The Free Dictionary. water lily or wa·ter·lil·y (wô′tər-lĭl′ē, wŏt′ər-) n. Any of various ornamental aquatic plants of the family Nymphaeaceae and especially of the genera Nymphaea and Nuphar, having large floating leaves and showy, variously colored flowers. Also called pond lily. water lily n 1. (Plants) any of various aquatic plants of the genus Nymphaea

How To Grow Waterlilies / RHS Gardening. Learn how to grow waterlilies in your garden with the RHS expert guide on choosing, planting, feeding, pruning and propagating plants.

Water Lily

Nymphaeaceae. Nymphaeaceae / ˌ n ɪ m f iː ˈ eɪ s iː / is a family of flowering plants, commonly called water lilies.They live as rhizomatous aquatic herbs in temperate and tropical climates around the world. The family contains five genera with about 70 known species. Water lilies are rooted in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on or emergent from the surface.

Britannica.com. Water lily, (family Nymphaeaceae), any of 58 species in 6 genera of freshwater plants native to the temperate and tropical parts of the world. Most species of water lilies have rounded, variously notched, waxy-coated leaves on long stalks that contain many air spaces and float in quiet freshwater

Water Lily

Buy Water Lilies. An iconic pond plant, water lilies are the amongst the most exquisite plants you can add to your water garden. With a stunning variety of colours and flowers, World of Water’s quality range of water lilies for sale both online and in-store will give you months of pleasure during the summer and really enhance the pond environment creating interest and texture in the deeper water section of

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