Transom Windows

Posted by Emma on May 24, 2019

Definitions & Installation. Transom windows are named as such because they are located over top of a window or door’s transom- this is the beam that separates the top of the window or door from the rest of the wall. Consequently, transom windows can come in many different shapes, styles and designs, but retain the name due to their location.

All You Need To Know. Transom windows start at under $100 for non-operable vinyl, wood, or aluminum frames, and go up in price for operable or intricately designed models.

Transom Windows

Transom (architecture). In architecture, a transom is a transverse horizontal structural beam or bar, or a crosspiece separating a door from a window above it. This contrasts with a mullion, a vertical structural member. Transom or transom window is also the customary U.S. word used for a transom light, the window over this crosspiece.

Transom Window Treatments: 5 Amazing Ideas For Your Home. Transom windows are built to allow natural light and air inside your home. However, too much light or glare can cause discolouration of the floors and increase the indoor temperature. The best bet to reduce the amount of light coming in without losing out on style is to dress them with light-filtering sheers.

Transom Windows

Definition Of Transom Window At. Transom window definition, a window divided by a transom. See more.

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