Stone Sealer

Posted by Jennifer on January 23, 2019

Custom Building Products StoneSpecific Stone Enhancer. Color enhancer and penetrating sealer for all types of porous natural stone and grout. Rejuvenates the colour and appearance of worn, faded stone, tumbled marble and other rustic-look stones. Can also be used to darken the colour of grout. Provides long-lasting protection against oil, grease and stains. Its water-based, low odour formula can be used indoors or outdoors. StoneSpecific No VOC

Top 10 Stone Sealers Of 2019. Sealing stone walls in a rarely used bathroom may not be worth the time and effort, but if the surface is at all likely to come into contact with liquids or substances that could cause staining or corrosion, sealing is a prudent, forward-thinking move. Sealers come in a variety of styles for a range of different stone types, but they’re all designed primarily to protect the stone

Stone Sealer

Best Natural Stone Sealer (2020): Reviews And Comparison. The Stone Pro Pro Sealer is a professional-quality penetrating sealer for natural stone surfaces. The solvent used in this sealer is equipped with hybrid carrier technology that enables the sealing polymers to reach deep into the stone and provides excellent resistance to staining substances.

Natural Stone Sealer. Seal King’s Natural Stone Sealer is a clear premium penetrating sealer specially formulated to protect, and enhance the color of flagstone and natural stone surfaces. This sealer will protect against mildew, fungus, UV rays, oils, acid rain. It will also reduce chipping, cracking due to freeze/thaw cycles.

Stone Sealer

Custom Building Products StoneSpecific Polished Marble. A specially-formulated stone sealer designed to penetrate and protect the surface of a polished, high-density natural stone such as granite. Provides optimum protection against grease, dirt, oil and water-based stains allowing for easy daily maintenance.

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