Spiderplant Care

Posted by Saltt on December 16, 2017

Spiderplant Care

Spider Plants: How To Grow And Care For Spider Plants. Spider Plant Care. Watering: Spider plants don’t like to dry out completely, but they also don’t like to sit in water. Check the plant every few days and water enough so that the soil stays moist, but not wet. Make sure any excess water is allowed to drain through the bottom of the pot and is disposed of.

How To Care For A Spider Plant. Seasonal Watering. Water your spider plant's soil when the upper 1 inch of its soil dries out, saturating the soil until the excess water drains from the plant pot's base or until the top 6 to 12 inches of soil feels moist to you. Reduce watering in autumn and winter, providing just enough water to keep the foliage from wilting.

Spiderplant Care

Spider Plant Care: A Helpful Guide (Propagation, Tips. Spider Plant Care 101. Share Pin. The Spider Plant is one of the most popular houseplants thanks to its low maintenance, beautiful variegated leaves, and the fact that it is exceptionally easy to propagate. So let’s dive right into the fun and see exactly what it takes to keep our leafy friend happy and healthy.

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