Ribbon Chandelier Diy

Posted by Jhonny on June 15, 2017

Ribbon Chandelier: An Easy DIY Project. When summer rolls around I like to add a bit of decorating whimsy. To create a pretty summer table setting, I decided to make an easy DIY ribbon chandelier in pink and white. I'm sharing the instructions so you can make one of your own!

Hanging Ribbon Wreath. How To Make Ribbon Chandeliers. I chose a variety of ribbons in different widths for this project. Cutting your ribbons is the first step. I cut a variety of lengths for the ribbon, between 2-3 feet.

Ribbon Chandelier Diy

DIY Ribbon Chandelier. It's easy to make a ribbon chandelier! With a few inexpensive supplies you'll have a cute piece of decor for a party or your home!

Creating A Modern Ribbon Chandelier • Craft Thyme. DIY ribbon chandeliers are showing up everywhere from weddings to backyard dinners. This tutorial will show you how to create a modern take on a ribbon chandelier.

Ribbon Chandelier Diy

DIY Ribbon Chandelier. Winter always puts me in kind of a rut. It’s the drabbest of all the seasons. Between having a cold to start off the new year with, to the gloomy, frigid days where darkness descends as early as 4:30 in this part of the world, winter has been particularly brutal this year.

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