Pei Rating

Posted by Lee on December 20, 2018

Your Guide To Figuring Out Tile Installation. The PEI categorization primarily defines the hardness and durability of the various ceramic products that are tested. It should be noted that the PEI rating involves testing of only the surface wear layer of a tile's enamel glazing; it does not measure the fracture strength of the entire tile, nor does it offer any rating of the slip-resistance of the tile.

Finding The Right Tile For Your Project. PEI 0: This rating is for glazed tiles designated for use on walls only. Tile with this rating is not suitable for installation on floors. PEI 1: A rating of 1 means the tile can be used on very light-wear areas, and should only be installed in rooms where people use soft footwear such as sneakers or slipper.

Pei Rating

How Is Porcelain Tile Rated For Hardness?. A PEI rating of 5 on the other hand, is the highest rating and suited for any type of commercial application (airports, hotel lobbies, etc.). All of the floor tiles on our website will have a PEI rating of 3 or higher. What type of project is this for? This will help determine what PEI rating to go with. Please let us know if you have any other

PEI Ratings Explained. "PEI" is the abbreviation for Porcelain Enamel Institute. A PEI Rating is given to a tile product based the hardness of its glaze. This hardness is determined by the manufacturer using a standardized test. The results of this test will determine the proper usage of a product.

Pei Rating

Use PEI Scale To Measure The Hardness Of Tiles. The PEI Scale was established by the Porcelain Enamel Institute to help create standards consumers could rely on to help determine which tiles to buy for which purpose. The PEI Rating is and indication of tile hardness, and PEI floor ratings are valuable to guide tile choices for different projects. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are rated, though most people seem to be more concerned about the

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