Ikea Basins

Posted by Christina on February 08, 2019

Bathroom Sinks & Wash Basins. Bathroom sinks and basins should be practical and suit your style, so we have lots of options. As well as free-standing sinks, we have many designed to fit on top of bathroom cabinets, giving you space for all your creams and lotions.

IKEA AU - IKEA. Choose from a variety of bathroom basins for your single or dual bathroom vanity. There's a style for everyone and every bathroom available in-store and online.

Ikea Basins

Bathroom Wash Basins. Explore our range of bathroom sinks and basins at great value prices. We have single and double sinks in lots of designs, styles and sizes. At IKEA we strongly believe that bathroom sinks needs to be practical but also go hand in hand with your preferred style.

Kitchen Sinks. Got everything but the kitchen sink? One bowl or two? Stainless steel or ceramic? With or without a drainer? Our kitchen sinks come in a wide range of types and sizes. You're sure to find what you need, whatever the size and style of your kitchen.

Ikea Basins

Bathroom Sinks. Get more space at the sink. Bathrooms can be calm and relaxing, even on weekday mornings. Our washstands give you storage space that turns where’s-my-toothpaste chaos into we’re-ready-to-go-now.

Images of Ikea Basins

Ikea Basins: TÖRNVIKEN Countertop Wash-basinIkea Basins: HAMNVIKEN Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: TYNGEN Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: HÖRVIK Countertop Wash-basinIkea Basins: HAGAVIKEN Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: YDDINGEN Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: BRÅVIKEN Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: ODENSVIK Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: ODENSVIK Double Wash-basinIkea Basins: TÄLLEVIKEN Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: BRÅVIKEN Double Wash-basinIkea Basins: LILLÅNGEN Single Wash-basinIkea Basins: KATTEVIK Countertop Wash-basinIkea Basins: 31 1/2x19 1/4x2 3/8 "Ikea Basins: TYNGEN SinkIkea Basins: 40 1/2x19 1/4x2 3/8 "Ikea Basins: HEMNES / HAGAVIKEN Sink Cabinet With 2 DrawersIkea Basins: GODMORGON/TOLKEN / TÖRNVIKEN Wash-stand With 45x45 WashIkea Basins: Double Basin Unit (Ikea?)

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